How are you optimizingcloudSaaS IT spend


Why it matters

Cloud, on-premise and SaaS cost management is complicated. Many different vendors, resources  teams and applications.

We make cloud cost management easy

Our Cloud Cost Optimization as a service provides transparency, and savings of up to 30% on your bill and hours a week on billing management in less than 10 minutes, with zero-engineering changes or application risk.


Optimize Cloud Spend at no cost to you

We are excited to offer our customers an industry's first cloud cost optimization platform that saves you 40% on your cloud bill without heavy lifting in 10 mins or less. Oh and it's FREE

Save 30% on your cloud bill

We optimize by lowering downside risk with commitment insurance & increasing predictability through better usage forecasting.

We partner with top cloud providers

Scenario Planner Benefits

Build Complex EDP Scenarios

for lift & shifts, re-architecture, growth, net-new workloads, and more - in one solution.

Automate Commitment policies

based on the above Scenarios to ensure lowest TCO for every project.

Build in Commitment fail-safes

with GRIs to ensure there is no over / under commitment even with uncertain workloads, project timelines, or other factors.

Track Actual Against Plans

and monitor performance with no headache.

The results you can expect with our free tool

Cost Perspectives

Visualise detailed cost information by various constructs projects, teams, business units, departments, etc. Receive periodic reports on cost and usage metrics that matter to you. Govern usage with custom budgets and precise spend forecasts and account for cost-showbacks/chargebacks

Collaborative Cost Management

Cloud cost management is a team sport. COS gives your relevant members of the organization the ability to interact and seamlessly make cloud management decisions together for everything from purchasing RIs or savings plans to assessing the impact of new policies on application performance, to tracking and eliminating unused resources.

Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping

Non-production resources are only in use during work hours, at best. Shut them down automatically whenever they are idle, with AutoStopping. Plus, run them on fully orchestrated spot instances without worrying about spot interruptions.

Anomaly Detection

Don't rely on the human eye to catch irregularities in your organisation's cloud consumption. Our anomaly detection analyse your historic spend patterns and flags anomalous events every time your cloud spend is higher or lower than it should be.

Budgets & Forecasting

Track cost variances or set monthly, quarterly and annual budgets. Track whether your current rate of spending will be within budget with accurate forecasting. Stay up to date with reports and alerting at various stages of budget consumption.

Business Intelligence

Track your cost usage and utilisation across all your cloud resources. We provide comprehensive resource tracking, with the full power and flexibility of modern Bl and analytics with custom data-driven dashboards.

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